High Holiday COVID Procedures

Keeping our community safe – together!

Keeping each other safe

Temple Shalom is committed to making the high holidays a safe and meaningful experience.  This page provides an overview of the things that we will be doing this year to keep you safe as well as the things that we need you to do to ensure the safety of our community.  Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, these procedures are subject to change based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

COVID Procedures for Indoor Services

  1. Capacity will be limited as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Physical distancing will be maintained between households for the duration of the services.
  3. Masks will be worn by all congregants fully over the nose and mouth for the duration of the services.  (Those leading the service will be permitted to remove their masks only while at the bimah.)
  4. Only fully vaccinated persons will be permitted in the building (unfortunately, there are no exceptions for children who are too young to receive the vaccine).
  5. Services will be shortened (see schedule of events).
  6. There will be posters and signage indicating COVID procedures, directions, physical distancing, et cetera.
  7. The Cedars has a COVID safety plan which will be in effect.
  8. There will be screening upon entry.
  9. Surfaces will be cleaned / sanitized between services.
  10. Hand sanitizer will be provided for use upon entering the building.
  11. The number of simultaneous people at the bimah will be limited.
  12. Attendees will sign in to facilitate contact tracing if required.
  13. Congregants may sing, but are reminded that masks must be fully in place at all times.
  14. All services will be streamed for those who are unwell / at risk / etc, or do not feel comfortable attending in person.
  15. COVID screening guidelines (link below) are posted so members can determine in advance whether they meet the requirements to safely attend.

COVID Procedures for Outdoor Services

  1. There will be limited capacity.
  2. Households will be physically distanced for the duration of the service.
  3. The service will be shortened.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times except while in your household’s designated area.
  5. There will be posters, signage, and markings on the ground to facilitate physical distancing and COVID safety procedures.
  6. Washrooms are closed except in case of emergency.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available.
  8. A list of attendees will be kept to facilitate contact tracing if required.
  9. Attendees do not need to be vaccinated to attend this outdoor service, and children are welcome!
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