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Please complete and submit the membership form below electronically as soon as possible, to be on the 2023 High Holy Day members list. A printable and fillable off-line alternative form is available. See “How to pay” below for where to send the printed and filled out off-line form.


Membership Criteria:

For a complete explanation the membership criteria, please go here and review the “Membership” section.  NOTE: By paying your membership dues commitment, you are agreeing that you meet the membership criteria.

Your Dues Go To…

  • The Cedars building
  • The Rabbi’s salary
  • URJ dues (Union for Reform Judaism – these dues are mandatory for all Reform congregations)
  • Security at High Holidays
  • Technology that enables us to stream our services
  • Events


How Much to Pay:

This year, Temple Shalom has several unusual expenses, most notably, replacing the window in the roof over the Bimah. This replacement amounts to about one-quarter of our annual budget. As always, no one will be turned away because of financial limitations, but if you can give a bit more this year, it would help a lot.

The suggested amount to pay is 1.8% of your annual salary. See special rates outlined below:

Students $108
First-Time Single Member $270
First-Time Member Family $450
Affiliate (Members of other synagogues) $75

No one will be turned away for financial reasons. Please reach out to and if you have special circumstances to discuss.

How to pay:

There are multiple ways to pay dues.  Here they are listed in order of preference due to ease of management for the synagogue.

1) E-transfer.  This requires no mailing or paper of any kind.  Paying all at once or making multiple payments through the year are both OK.

2) A single cheque addressed to “Temple Shalom” and mailed to Temple Shalom at 543 Beechwood Dr, Waterloo, ON N2T 2S8

3) Multiple postdated cheques made out and mailed as in #2.

4) Using CanadaHelps is discouraged because of the work needed to unbundle contributions and properly attribute them to the correct members.  Also, CanadaHelps passes on only 96% of what you pay them. To calculate what you should pay multiply your intended contribution by 1.042.  (Ex.: if your dues are $1000 you need to pay CanadaHelps $1,042, so that we receive $1000.

5) Cash is the least optimal way to pay. If the paper trail gets separated from the cash, we do not know the cash’s origin; and snail mail is not safe. If you must pay in cash, please contact to schedule hand off the cash.

Temple Shalom is registered with CRA as a charitable organization. Receipts for the 2023 tax year will be issued for all funds received by 31 December 2023. Once any payment is recorded into the Temple’s accounting software, you will be sent a tax receipt for the payment by email.  It is critical that you keep your email address up to date with us.  Please send any email address changes to

Membership Form 2023 / 2024

I authorize the Temple Shalom President and/or the following member to vote as my proxy at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

I authorize the Temple Shalom President and/or the following member to vote as my proxy at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Click to add a second adult member:

The Temple board has decided to annually re-build the Yizkor list. We invite all members to name friends, family and any other loved ones whose names they would like to have read from the bimah as a part of the Yizkor service, on Yom Kippur. Click to add names.

Would you like us to donate $18 of your membership contribution so that you, or another adult member of your household, can be registered as supporters of ARZA through Temple Shalom? ARZA Canada is the Reform Zionist voice in Canada and Israel. They emphasize equality, justice, and democracy in Israel. Learn more here:

Click if you are paying by E-transfer.

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