Turn it and turn it again, for everything is in it. – Ethics of Our Fathers 5:26

At Temple Shalom we are proud to carry on our rich tradition of education and study which has been a central pillar of Jewish life for thousands of years.

Our religious school provides a caring and engaging environment in which children not only learn about our history and traditions, but also experience and take part in many parts of Jewish life and Worship.  By the time students reach B’nei Mitzvah, they have a rich understanding of Jewish prayer, history, language, and culture, as well as a personal connection to Judaism which remains with them as they move toward adulthood.   

 Temple Shalom has many education opportunities for adults including seminars with the Rabbi, study texts at seders and potlucks, lively discussions during Divrei Torah, special guest speakers, and more! 

Religious School

Caring for our community by investing in our shared future. 

Adult Education

Torah study doesn’t end with B’nei Mitzvah; it’s only just beginning! 

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