Temple Shalom High Holy Days

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The simplest way to get tickets to attend services at Temple Shalom on the High Holy Days is to become a member of the Temple. For details on how to join, membership dues, and forms, please go to the Membership page

Once you have joined, your family members will automatically receive tickets for all High Holy Day services.  We recommend that you submit your membership form at least a half month before Rosh Hashana to ensure that your membership application is processed in time to receive tickets your tickets.

Alternatively, if you will be attending High Holy Day services as a guest, then you can purchase tickets for the services you wish to attend:

  • Adult, RH or YK–$80.00
  • Adult, both RH and YK–$140.00
  • 2 people, RH or YK–$140.00
  • 2 people, both RH and YK–$240.00
  • Family, RH or YK–$180.00
  • Family, both RH and YK–$280.00
  • Full-Time Student, both RH and YK–$36.00

If during the same Hebrew year, you later choose to become a member, then your paid fee is applied towards your membership dues.  

To request High Holy Day tickets, please use the treasurer contact form and select “High Holiday Tickets” in the subject list.  Alternatively you can send an e-mail to info@templeshalom.ca.  Please also see the page about adding names to the Yizkor list read on YK Afternoon.  Please list the names that you want read in your request for High Holy Day tickets.

 If you are visiting the Waterloo Region from elsewhere during the High Holy Days, you may be eligible for free tickets under reciprocity among synagogues. Your home synagogue will need to certify in writing that you are a paid up member or are otherwise entitled to High Holy Day tickets there, and request a ticket for you under reciprocity among synagogues. For more information, use our Contact Form or send an e-mail to info@templeshalom.ca.

If you wish to attend services but are unable to afford tickets, please contact us here or by email at president@templeshalom.ca so that we may accommodate you.


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